Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shoreline Women's Spring Retreat

This upcoming weekend I will be speaking at
Shoreline Women's Spring Retreat with my
girls from God's Call.

We are so excited to see what God is going to
do. The theme of this event is "Growing Deeper"
and we will talk about the steps that it takes
to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus
Christ and flourish in your life! God desires
for all of us to thrive and to blossom, but
sometimes things get in the way of that happening.
We can all be encouraged to prepare the "soil"
in our hearts to receive what God has for us.
We need to "keep the pests out of the garden"
and "have proper nutrients" in order to grow

My topic is "Flourish in the Garden". I will talk
about flourishing "God's Way" which is very
different than the world's way. When we flourish,
We: 1. Shine God's Beauty all around us; 2. Are
a Sweet-Smelling Fragrance; 3. Help Others To
Flourish; 4. Are a Covering for Others; 5. Leave
a Legacy that people remember for a long time.

God put some pictures in my mind about His creation.
The idea of different flowers that together make
a garden colorful and beautiful; just like God's
children with their unique giftings. The smell from
a flourishing rose is so amazing! Our words of
truth can be so refreshing to others. A field of
wildflowers reminds me of the picture of unity
when believers join together. A strong tree
provides shade for others who are weak or weary-
and our prayers are heard by God and we intercede
for those people who are lost and hurting. When
our time is over on this earth and
flowers start to fade, the memory of what we've
left behind will impact those whose lives we've
touched! They will remember God's beauty and love
in our lives if we live a life that is flourishing
for God!

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