Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Note of Encouragement

I have had opportunties to talk to people of all
ages in many different places and I wanted to
share a note I received last year from a HS
student in NY. I believe God allows me the
opportunity to share His love with others and
believe that seeds are planted each time we
share about Him. Many times I don't know how
it affects people and I just pray that God will
work in the lives of those I spoke to. This was
one of those times that a young girl took the
time to share what God had done in her life when
I spoke. I was so encouraged by this!

I would first off like to thank you for coming
out and speaking at our school and coaching our
softball clinic. I would personally like to say
that you are an amazing inspiration. I have
accepted Jesus into my heart, however over the
years I have strayed away from that path. Hearing
you give that speech at our school really made me
realize that everything is possible through Christ.
You are 100% right we can make a difference, and we
should never give up on our dreams. Seeing all
that you have gone through and accomplished is just
amazing. You coming to our school was just the push
I needed to lead me back to Jesus, and have Him back
in my life. I would just like to thank you for
opening my eyes once again to having faith in my
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, from the bottom of my
heart, Thank You.

*She also enclosed a picture we took the night before.
This is a note and picture I will keep as an
encouragement to me.

I was so thankful to receive this letter. We never
know how our words will impact others. This is a
reminder to keep speaking truth, love and Jesus to
those I meet. Encouragement will always lift us up
and remind up about what is most important.

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