Tuesday, April 27, 2010

6th Grade Softball Project

Last week I did an interview for a 6th grade GATE
Passion Project with Jessica (to my right in the
yellow shirt). She had to video tape
an interview and brought along some softball
friends to take part in the interview and ask
questions. They had a lot of realy good questions!

They asked when I started playing and how I
was invited to make the Olympic Team. They also
asked if it was hard not to get mad when a
teammate would make an error. I told them
that whoever makes the error feels horrible so
we need to encourage that person. They also
asked about how to respond when you are not
playing well. I told them that you need to
use your failures as learning experiences and
try to make adjustments. This game can be
hard- really hard at times. We need to remember
it is just a game. When you are not doing well,
go back to the fundamentals and focus on what
you can control. It's all about the little things.
If you do the little things right, then you will
start to have success. We can control our focus,
attitude, how hard we are trying and how we treat
our teammates. I had a good time talking with these
girls- I could see how much they love softball
already! I hope Jessica gets a good grade and I
hope the girls put this talk into action on the
field! Having fun is the #1 tip I could give to
all of them!

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