Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Performance Martial Arts Center (PMAC) Experience

Last week, I was invited to PMAC in Rancho
Cucamonga by my friend (from HS), Shonna,
who is almost a black belt!

One of her daughters, Madi (8), is Jake's age
and used to be in Martial Arts also.

I was invited to come and speak when she realized that
the owner of PMAC, Daniel Kim, and his wife, attend
the same church as me(Calvary Chapel Chino Hills).

Shonna told me Daniel loves the Olympics and had always
dreamed about being in the Olympics. She said now he
has this facility so that he can help others to reach
their goals and dreams of being Olympians one day!

She also talked all about his character and what a godly
man Daniel is. I love that when you truly love God, you
CANNOT separate your faith from what you do. It defines

So the funny part of all this is that when I went to speak,
there was a 25 minute workout prior and they wanted me to
join! So I did. . .

and I realized how out of shape I am for plyometric type
workouts! I play soccer on Friday nights and I do some
sprints, but every time I do quick paced workouts (like
last year when I started P90X), I get sick the 1st time!

I had to walk outside because I was about to get sick.
I needed fresh air!

About 5 minutes later they were ready for me to talk to
the entire group. I went in and started sharing about
my Olympic experiences and what it took to become an
Olympic Champion. As I was talking, I started getting
light headed and feeling like I was going to get sick
again. I didn't know what to do.

Finally, I told them, I'm not feeling so well, I'm going
to pass around the medals and sit down for a minute!
They got me some water and I finished the talk sitting
down on the mat (a much safer place to be at that time!).

By the end of my talk and after taking some questions,
I felt much better and the color returned to my face
just in time for pictures! That was one speaking
engagement I'll never forget! Reminds me of the 1st
workout after having Jake when I threw up afterward!!!
Not a good feeling, but a reminder that endurance comes
from hard work!

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