Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cardinals T-Ball

Drew's team is the St. Louis Cardinals. He is having
fun with his new friends on his team. He picked #20
to be like his mom!

All the kids sit down and wait for their turn to hit.
Can you imagine the chaos if we let 12 little 4 and
5 yr. olds just hang out together in a dugout?!

Once they hit, they run the bases. Drew likes to do
a Home Run trot to each base and has no concept of
the word "sprint".

On defense they take turn playing different positions.
Sometimes they think it's tackle baseball and then
they remember that the other player in red is on the
same team :)

Fielding is getting better. The form is there, now
we just need to work on moving to the ball when it's
not right to them.

Throwing is getting better every day. Drew does a
good job of keeping his elbow high but likes to
throw it in the dirt a lot! Sounds like ME throwing
out the 1st pitch at Angel Stadium last week (pictures
coming soon).

The kids are learning a lot this season. Today we had
our first pizza party and there were 10 little ones
running wild at the pizza place. This is just the


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