Friday, April 23, 2010

First Pitch at Angel Stadium

A couple weeks ago I was invited to throw out the
1st pitch by ASA (Amateur Softball Association).
It was ASA night at the ballpark which means there
were lots of little softball players in the stands!
A group of softballers were able to go out on the
field and field some balls in the outfield, and
another group was able to go into the Angels dugout
and get a bunch of autographs. The So. Cal ASA
group works hard and does so much for our great
sport of softball. I had a really good time. Here
are some pictures of the night!

"Aunt Robyn" (Worth Rep and family friend) was a part
of ASA night and played catch with the softball players
in the outfield. She made Luke very happy by bringing
him a birthday gift to the field!

Robyn and I became friends when I started speaking
at Opening Day Ceremonies and when I was under
contract with Worth. She is like one of our family!

The boys and cousin, Tristan, waiting in the stands
while we were hanging out on the field.

Walking out to the mound

I tried to have good form and throw it easy and my
plan back-fired! I short-hopped the catcher! I'm
throwing it as hard as I can if I ever get a chance

Apologizing to Terry Evans for giving him a
short-hop! Those are the worst to catch!
He was a good sport!

Making friends :)

Talking with Arte Moreno (Angels Owner) and
ESPN Basketball Analyst, Doug Gottlieb (he
was the "official" 1st pitch of the night).
They were both very friendly. Arte Moreno
went to college at the U of A like I did and
is a proud fellow Wildcat!

Robyn took a picture of me with Doug.

When I was signing some autographs for the
softball girls, a security guard came and
said that Ben Sheets said to come over to
the A's dugout when I had a chance. Ben
is a pitcher for the A's that I met in the
2000 Olympics. He pitched the Gold Medal
Game for Team USA that year when they won
the Gold! We hung out with the baseball
team and Tommy Lasorda at those Olympics.
It was so fun to catch up for a few minutes.
He reminded me that it's been 10 years since
those games! Crazy!

I took a couple pictures with the softball
players who went out on the field.

And signed a few autographs.

Then the fun began!!! We went up to the ASA
Suite for the game. We had lots of yummy food and
all different kinds of dessert!

My nephew, Tristan (1), had fun running all
around the suite!

It was fun to hang out with my sister's family
for the night!

I had a great time and am thankful to So. Cal ASA for
asking me to throw out the 1st pitch! I'll always
remember it.

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