Thursday, April 15, 2010

Letters to God

Tonight I went to see the movie, "Letters to God"
with a couple friends. I had heard it was a very
good movie put out that shared messages from
the Bible but had no idea what the movie was
actually about.
As I sat and watched this movie about an 8-yr.
old boy fighting for his life with cancer, I could
not help but think of the people I have been
praying for who have also been/are in the battle
for their lives. I cried (A LOT) and as
a mom I just wanted to come home and hug my boys.
I wanted to tell them, "I don't care how naughty
you are at times, and when I discipline you it's
because I love you, but I want you to know most
of all that I love you with all my heart!"

Many times I feel like I'm constantly having to
tell them to pick up their toys and stop talking
back and to stop hitting eachother. Well, I am
doing that constantly because I have three energetic
and strong-willed boys. I just want them to know
how much they are loved. I want them to grow into
godly men and learn lessons now so they won't have
to later.

After a movie like that, PERSPECTIVE is the word
I walk away with. At the end of the day and at
the end of our lives, all that matters is who
God is in our lives and who we shared God's love

It makes me think of

Brielle Murray who was recently healed of her

and also

Daisy Love Merrick (5) who had a tumor removed
last summer and is just finishing up her chemo


Dylan Davis (3 yrs.) who had a tumor in his leg
and tumors in his stomach and is now finishing up
chemo treatments and has no more tumors


Charles Luna (in his 40's) who had a brain tumor
removed and is on the road to recovery!

God is good, no matter what we go through. He is
with us and wants to help us through it all. Life is a
gift from God. Thank Him for it and all the other
blessings. . .I know I will!

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