Monday, February 8, 2010

Yanks Air Museum Field Trip

We went to the Yanks Air Museum just down the street
from our house for a field trip. It was on a Saturday
so even "Dad" was able to go! The boys were so happy
to have him there and so was I! I could just see it-
my boys sneaking into one of the planes and trying
to fly away! Luckily, they behaved very well and were
stuck to Dad's side!

Right from the start, Luke was on Tommy's shoulders,
Drew was on his lap and Jake was sitting next to him.

He couldn't walk around without one of the boys asking
to be held or put on his shoulders. It was a nice
break for me!

Our tour guide was George (in the 1st picture) but
his son wanted to teach us too. He is only 7 years
old and is full of knowledge about World War II

The artwork on the nose of the planes was very interesting.

We found out that they paint training planes yellow
so they can find them if they need to rescue somebody

We learned a lot- way more than I can remember. It will
be a field trip we will take many times, I'm sure.

The whole group: many who homeschool and most go to
our church. George, our tour guide, loves Jesus and talked
all about it. He made sure that the kids knew that
even though some teachers in school teach about evolution,
they need to know that it is not a fact since they can't
prove it. The Bible is God's Word and that is the truth
that we compare everything to. He made sure that they
understood that a relationship with Jesus is most
important. I love the fact that he could take his
passion for teaching about planes and war and his
love for God and combine them into sharing truth with
others. It was an encouragement!

The family (a little blurry)

The one fact that stuck with me: 1903 was the 1st
powered flight by the Wright Brothers (meaning
the first flight that could be controlled and
moved to the right or to the left). At least I
learned one thing!


  1. Nice airplanes, glad there's an air museum around your neck of the woods. Those airplanes look really cool. The photographs look really cool!

    If you ever go to New York City, you can visit the Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum around the West side of Manhattan around West 50th Street in the East River. Your boys would be enjoying themselves for sure.

  2. Enjoyed hearing about your museum visit. Your boys might like the coloring page I have at my post on the Wright Brothers.