Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I just want to wish everybody a Happy Valentine's
Day! This year has been awesome for me. We spent
this past week up in the mountains for vacation
and I had an awesome "Date Night" with my wonderful
husband, Tommy (the day before V-day). Drew had
his 1st Baseball practice (post on that coming soon),
and then Tommy and I headed to Pasadena the the
Bold and Fresh Tour with Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck.

We watch Fox News because "They Report, We Decide" and
The O'Reilly Factor is what we watch most because he is a
conservative who tells the truth and exposes the
"bad" in our country.

They really are "Fair and Balanced" but progressives
don't like to hear that because they want us to follow
their ways that are trying to lead this country to socialism.
Glenn Beck has a funny sense of humor but also is very
concerned about the direction our country is headed. He
has sounded the alarm and we are starting to see things
unfold in our country that he has talked about, so he's
worth listening to. He has opened my eyes about some
things going on.

I have to admit, until I was out of college I didn't follow
what was going on in politics and too many people
in this country are like I used to be. We NEED to
follow who we are putting in office and know what is
happening so we can fight to keep our freedom in this
country. We need small government and personal choice.
OK, so needless to say, they were awesome! They are
funny but also very honest! They know their stuff
and if you don't watch them already, you should start.

After the show we went to dinner at a Japanese
Steakhouse, Tokyo Wako, and ate a TON! It was so good!
We then went to a movie and after it was over we found
some room in our bellies for Cold Stone Ice Cream!
What a night for us.

This morning I woke up and made the family strawberry

We even made Breakfast In Bed for Grandma
(my mom).

She watched the boys while we went out and
they made awesome heart cookies. If I gain
10 pounds in 2 days, you'll know why!

Then we were blessed at church to have Frank Pastore
(KKLA Radio Host and my co-host on More Than Conquerors)
speak today!

His message was awesome. It was about being a "Dangerous
Christian" and Acts 17. He reminded us to make a
difference to someone in our lives and to live a life
that would make others want what we have (Jesus).
The Kingdom of God starts when you ask Jesus to be the
Lord of your life, so live a life that makes a positive
difference. It's been a great Valentine's Day!

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you, I hope you enjoyed it to the fullest!