Thursday, February 25, 2010

Anxious Yet Content

OK, so can you really be both anxious and content?
The Bible tells us that God gives us His peace those
who trust in Him. It also talks about being content with
much or with little. I have experienced God's peace in my
life and am so content with where I am in life and with
what I have. . . LOVE being the most important
So why have I been feeling anxious lately? What is
this stirring in my heart that I keep asking God to
reveal to me? I believe God stirs us to get us walking
in His direction. If I am seeking God and reading
and studying the Bible and if I'm living a life of
obedience (*very much the key), then I can trust that
this stirring in my heart is from Him.
I have MORE than I could ever need or imagine and I
am so very blessed. I am grateful to give to others
with the blessings God has given me (It is better to
GIVE than RECEIVE). I look around at all that I
am blessed with:(starting with my family)I have
my husband who loves me and takes care of me, my
children who are healthy and live life to the fullest,
my mom who is one of my closest friends staying with us,
my in-laws who are like my own parents, my siblings
and in-laws who are also my friends, my nieces (Anna & Taylor)
and all my nephews who I don't see enough of, my friends
who I cherish, my home that is beautiful, and the list
could go on and on and on. I am content, and not just
because things are good right now and I have more than
I need. I am content because God is the One who receives
the glory for all that He provides. When I stop looking
around at others and when I look at ALL of my blessings
and GOD who gave them to me, I am SO very grateful.

So back to this stirring, I believe God has given
me a heart to share about Him and this stirring is so
that I will keep moving forward. I could just sit back
and say, "I don't need anything else. Life is good."
But God wants us to keep bringing Him glory. As He prepares
to open doors, I believe He stirs us in a certain direction as
we work with Him. This anxiousness is an excitement for
what God is doing. The more I seek God and read my Bible,
the more God shows me. He wants to lead every single person
this way. It's up to us if we will follow.

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