Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dinner with My Mentor

Paula Sommers is so special to me for many reasons.
We only met about 6 years ago but we feel like we've
known eachother forever! After I met Paula, God put
it on my heart to ask her to mentor me. I had never
even thought about having a mentor, but now I felt like
I had to ask. She said yes and said that God had put
it on her heart that she was going to mentor me. I
guess He was working on both of us. We used to meet
almost weekly and Jake was only 3 yrs. old at the
time. We would go to Chili's and he would sit as
we talked and shared and prayed. Now I have 3 little
munchkins and it's much harder to meet, so the times
that we do get are so special. We met for dinner and
it seems like there was not enough time to share all
that God is teaching us and doing in our lives. I am
so thankful for her insight and for her prayers for
me and my family.

If you have never been mentored, pray about God bringing
somebody into your life. It is so nice to have someone
speak godly wisdom into your life. I am mentoring a
High School senior and pray that she will receive a
portion of what I've received from Paula!

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