Monday, February 1, 2010

Homeschooling. . .Hard but worth it!

I am in my 3rd year of homeschooling and we have
had many ups and downs during this time. I am so
thankful, first of all, that I am able to have
the option to homeschool. This means that I am
able to stay home with my kids and I know that is
a complete blessing. I am thankful for Tommy's
hard work at his job and the fact that he provides
for this family.
I am also thankful that I am able to really see
what my son is learning. I know if he understands
his math or not. I know how long it takes (or should
take) for him to do a page in his language book.
I am able to teach him the Bible in depth as part
of our "school" time. We are able to have discussions
(he loves to make them long so he can take longer
before getting back to the "other" work) and talk
about mammals and invertebrates and I have to say
many times I am amazed about what this kid can learn
and remember!
Jake loves to read so we read a lot! Jake knows his
Bible stories, sometimes better than me! I am able
to watch him while he works if I choose to. I am
thankful for so many of these things. These are the
things I need to remember when it gets hard, or when
I think about how little free time I have during the
weekdays because I have him home. I also have to
keep the other two little ones busy, which can be
a challenge but they are starting to play together
now that Luke is a little older. I guess this
is just a refresher on how fortunate I really am
to be doing what I'm doing.
I believe people should pray about where God wants
their children and what their options are. We need
to be lights in this world, whether we homeschool,
go to public school or private school.

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