Friday, February 19, 2010

Drew is playing Baseball

We asked Drew if he wanted to play baseball and
he said "yes!" so we signed him up for T-ball.

Tommy was so excited he immediately ordered him
some Under Armour Cleats! With Tommy working for
Under Armour, he has to "Protect This House" you
Drew couldn't wait for practice to wear them. When
they came, he wore them each day and even wore them
to a Birthday Party!

Drew says they make him run fast!

So the first day of practice comes and we all head
to the ballpark! Drew was wearing all his Under Armour
gear and had his batting gloves, bat and glove.

They call all the kids out to the field and that's when
the drama starts. Drew says he's not going out on the
field. Tommy tries to take him and has to drag him.
Tommy starts walking off the field and Drew follows him
off. Drew starts crying, saying "I don't want to
play baseball." The kids are stretching and he's crying
saying "I can't do that." We try to take him back on the
field a couple more times but nothing is working. Next
thing you know, he will only go out there if Grandma
goes with him. So you have 10 little kids rolling the
ball back to eachother and then you have Drew and my
mom. At least he was out there! I finally had him
play catch with me and then he worked his way into the
group. Let me just say, NOTHING comes easy with these

This is just the beginning!

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