Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Speak the Truth, The Whole Truth

A number of years ago after speaking at a softball
engagement, somebody came up to me and said, "I would
love to have you come to our church and share your faith."
At this point, I had 2 gold medals and when I would
speak at softball events, I would also mention my faith
(it is the foundation for everything in my life, so
how can I leave it out completely?).
After we exchanged information, the guy e-mailed me and wrote
that if I came to speak, that I should know that their
church tells the congregation that "everyone is accepted"
by God. Well, I know that God accepts everyone who
is willing to make Jesus the Lord of his/her life, but
I had a feeling he was trying to say something else.

I asked what he meant by "accepts" everyone and he cleared
it up by saying that even if people live in a lifestyle
of homosexuality that they are loved too. Immediately
I knew what he was asking me to do. If I came and spoke
at their church, he wanted me to not speak the whole
truth. You can speak the truth (God loves everyone)
without speaking the whole truth (everyone has sinned
and falls short of the glory of God).

I had to decide what to do. I either had to say "no
thanks" or I figured God would use me to speak the "whole
truth" to the people in that church. I told him that
God had changed my life dramatically. I told him that I
believe God loves us all but not all are willing to submit
to God and honor Him. I said that I looked very moral and
upright on the outside but God had (and has) plenty to
change in my heart. I told him that God loves me so
much that He would never leave me where He found me. He
will change us to be more like Him and that means recognizing
sins in our lives like lying, anger, bitterness, pride, and
yes, even sexual sins including homosexuality that some people
struggle with.

The "whole" truth that churches like his are leaving out is that
God is not only a loving God, but He is also a holy God.
Jesus paid for our sins and we are forgiven but we must
recognize the sin and repent (turn from them). The Bible
tells us that if we regard iniquity (sin) in our hearts,
that God will not listen to our prayers. He is waiting with
open arms for anyone who will come to Him on His terms, not
ours. We don't make the rules, He does. But they are not
burdensome when you really know God, they are life-giving
and full of freedom!

After I stated my conviction, I never heard back from him.
I know God is in control and as I read my Bible, I cannot
follow man's ways of making people "feel" good. There is too
much at stake in the end. We need to know the TRUTH, the
WHOLE TRUTH! Read and study your Bible so that when somebody
tells you something that isn't the whole truth (even from
the pulpit), you can stand on solid ground! That's how I
live my life . . .standing firm on God's Truth!

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