Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Family Time in the Mountains

We are spending quality time together up in
the mountains and having a blast! Yesterday
it snowed so much and the boys had the best time playing
in the snow and trying to catch snow flakes on their
tongues. They wake up in the morning and throw their
snow clothes on and run out the door. Right out
our back door is a big area to run and play. People
are building snowmen and even making a couple
slopes for sledding. Today the weather was perfect!
There was tons of soft snow which makes it easy
to make snowballs for the kids.

My brother and his family came up yesterday and
the kids are having so much fun together. Today
we are celebrating my sister-in-law's 30th Birthday.
Happy Birthday Jessica! Here are some pictures of
the first half of our trip:

My boys are having a great time in the snow!

Snow Angels

Smaller Snow Angels

Loving this time together!

My brother, Keith, with his kids, Taylor and Micah

The trees are covered in snow

Jessica ready for a snowball fight

Tommy sledding down the hill

A Snowman Family in our "backyard" where we are staying

Finding some good hills to go sledding on (I love this
picture of Drew (4) - he is my thrill seeker!)

Hanging with Drew and my brother and kids while my hubby
and two other boys stayed warm at our timeshare.

Getting ready for his run:
On your mark, get set, GO. . .

Having a blast!

My brother. . .

And me (we wanted to keep sledding while the kids were
ready to go back to our place)
Cousins and Best Friends


  1. The snow is so much fun. I bet you're having fun. The Northeast region was hit by the snow too. Glad you and your family are having fun.

  2. Such cute pics! Looks like you're having a blast!! :) I miss you....Come home soon! :)