Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fun at the Fair (LA Country Fair)

Last week our family went to the LA County Fair.
It was 102 degrees outside, but luckily we were
prepared this year. We brought a lot of ice cold
water and packed a lunch. We saved room for treats
(the best part of the Fair!). The treats for us
this year were Dippin Dots, a churro, and Fried
Snickers. The kids had a good time and we were
able to see quite a bit. They loved the open
area to run and we had to keep reminding them to
stay within eye sight. The funniest part was when
we were eating our fried snickers and getting
ready to leave. Somebody came up to us and asked
if we'd be interested in being on Super Nanny!
I wasn't sure how to take that- my kids were
actually behaving at the moment, but maybe they
saw the potential for craziness in my boys (or
maybe they saw us earlier when the boys were
running out of control) or maybe they saw that
Tommy and I look tired and thought it must have
to do with raising three boys!!! It was pretty
funny either way!

Here are some pictures of our Fun at the Fair:

Hungry ants

Petting animals

Teamwork: Fishing together

One of the few moments they stood still!

Riding Tractors

Scary Dinsaurs

Luke- 1st pictures missing his two front teeth!

Posing with mom


Dippin Dots!!!!

Everybody has to share

FRIED Snickers!!!! (Tommy's treat that I shared
with him)

Crashed out kids!!!!

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