Thursday, May 19, 2011

Washburn Rural HS Baccalaureate

On May 1st, I spoke at the Baccalaureate
for graduating seniors from Washburn
Rural HS in Topeka, KS

The group who runs this event is very
committed and diligent. They have
hearts for the Lord and want the students
to all have an opportunity to be encouraged
by God's truth at this event before they
graduate and enter a new chapter in their

After I spoke, the seniors and their families
went to a small reception and I was able to
take pictures with some of them.

I hope they were all encouraged!

The is Jay T's Family: his daughter,
Rachel, is the youngest of 3 girls.

This is the group of prayer warriors and
hard workers that put everything in place.
I walked away feeling like I have a bunch
of new friends! I think I might have to
take a road trip across the country one
of these days and visit all the wonderful
people I meet on each of my trips!

Earlier that day I attended Westen Hills
Baptist Church. I did a Q&A with the
Pastor and heard a great message. It was
nice to be able to attend church even
though I was on the road.
I also met some of the softball players
from WRHS when we met for Frozen Yogurt!

When I got off the plane on Saturday night
and mentioned to Jay T that my teammate from
the 2000 Olympics, Christie Ambrosi, lived
in the area, he said I should call her and
we ended up stopping by her house for 2 hours!
Jay T knew Christie because his daughter who
is in college now used to take pitching lessons
from her. It's a SMALL softbal world!
It was so fun to catch up and talk about
everything from kids to softball to coaching
clinics that she is putting on this winter
and I will be speaking at!

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