Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fred Jordan Missions Event

A couple weeks ago, I had the honor of
being a part of the Mother's Day Event
held in LA by the Fred Jordan Mission.
I attended the Good Friday Services
but this event was held in the street
with tables set up for people to come
and eat a home cooked meal and to
hear about God's love for them.

It's been fun getting to know Willie
Jordan who runs the Mission (her
husband Fred, passed away 24 years ago),
and her son, Tom, who goes to the same
church as I do (pictured below).

People were lined up early waiting to
get a good seat. We met a bunch of them
as they entered the seating area.

The Evangelical Covenant Church partnered
with the Mission to put on this event. They
brought worship singers and a Pastor gave
a message. Click HERE to read more details
about the entire event and the people we
reached that day. I shared a short message
as well at the beginning of the day.

It is always so humbling to share about
God's love and grace!

A little girl who was excited to see the

The seats were filled.

Meeting others who spent the day serving
those in need:

At the end of the Pastor's message, he invited
people forward who would like to ask Jesus to
be the Lord of their lives. Amazing grace is
received and my heart was so happy as I watched
these people go forward. They don't have much on
this earth, but the Bible tells us that if we have
Jesus, we are the richest of all!

With one of the pastor's daughters

Willie Jordan and her son, Tom Jordan

After the event, they interviewed different
people for a video they are putting together
for the Fred Jordan Mission. This is the
videographer/producer and his wife (he also
does workfor the Harvest Crusades and Greg Laurie)

It was another great day: speaking/sharing/
loving on and praying for those in need.

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