Monday, May 23, 2011

Red Sox vs Angels

Last month we went to watch the Red Sox
play in Anaheim against the Angels. My
husband is from Boston and therefore, is
a HUGE Red Sox fan (and any other New
England Team for that matter). The
boys are told they can cheer for the
Angels when they are not playing
the Red Sox :)
Somehow we ended up with an Angels

At one point, Jake was wearing his
Red Sox shirt and the Angels hat.
I wore an Angels Hat because I am
a So Cal girl.

It was a perfect night at the Baseball

We had good seats for the boys right
at the railing but we had to tell them
not to lean over it!(we kept them busy by
getting food for them constantly)

Tommy was just happy to be at the game
and was even happier when the Red Sox

Me and my boys

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