Friday, May 13, 2011

Oklahoma, Here I come!

I have so much I want to write and so little
time! Isn't that the case for all of us???
We are so busy but I cannot complain. Baseball
season is almost over: Drew has really enjoyed
it and Tommy has been helping coach the little
guys! Only 1 more month of school! I have
been running a lot lately (I ran 6 miles on
my treadmill this morning!) trying to get
ready for the Mud Run at Camp Pendleton next
month. I have pictures to share from the
past couple weekends in Topeka, KS and
the Fred Jordan Mission Mother's Day Event.
I'll do that when I get back next week.

This is the time of year for softball! College
softball is on TV a lot right now and in a
couple weeks, I'll get another chance to
be an analyst for Super Regionals. I also
am very excited to share that I am going to
do NCAA Radio for the best of 3 series of
the WCWS Championships! It's the first time
softball has ever been on the radio and our
sport just keeps making new strides! I love

I'm flying in a couple hours to Oklahoma for
Jennie Finch Softball Camp.

The clinic is held in the same place as
last year: Dunn's Outwest Arena.

That's right, Arena: Like "Rodeo Arena".

Here is a picture from last year:

The girls played softball, and shared the
arena with these guys:

They work hard to get it ready for 300
softball players

For us, it's just more memories that we
are making.

In fact, last year they gave me the keys
to drive to the arena. There had been a
storm the night before and when I tried
to follow Jennie's SUV, this is what
"memory" was made:

Yep, I got stuck in the mud! Luckily, we
had guys around who are used to getting
dirty and pulling cars out of the mud.
By the time the clinic was over, our
van was ready to go. Needless to say,
I am now a passenger! ha ha

I'm looking forward to this weekend!
One of my favorite parts are the
Bible study/devotions that we do
prior to camp on Sunday morning.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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