Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Laughing at myself right now. . .

I don't know what got into me, but I am
laughing right now about what I just did.
I received an email about somebody needing
money and how he will repay me when he gets
back into the US. It has S.C.A.M. written
all over it but what's so sad is that some
kind-hearted people fall for this sometimes!
Well, this time, instead of ignoring it, I
wrote an email back to them. Here is what
they wrote and my response:


How are you doing? i made a visit to London
(United Kingdom) unannounced some days back,
Unfortunately for me,i go mugged at gun point
last nights. All cash,Credit card and cell
phones were stolen,It was a terrible experience,
Thank God i still have my life and passport saved.

i have been to the embassy they are not helping
issues so i concluded that returning back home
will be the best option,i also have limited
means of getting out of here,as i have canceled
my cards so i won’t get a new card till i get
back home.I really need your support &
assistance as my flight leaves in few hours,
but i have problems checking out of the Hotel,
as i need to sort out some bills,I need you
to loan me ($2,380.) to sort out the bills
and get a cab back to the airport,i promise
to pay back and brief you in full as soon as
am back home..You can have the funds wire
to me Via Western Union all you need is my
name and present location...

this is all you need in sending the money
via western union

Receivers Name:Tim Maxwell
Location: 5 Hamilton Terrace London

As soon as the transfer is done i will
appreciate you get back to me with the
money transfer control number MTCN so i
can use that in picking up the money
with my passport ID. I'll def refund
your cash as soon as i get home.

Hope to Read From You Soon.
Tim Maxwell

My response:
I am sorry for your misfortune, but
I do have some advice for you.
You need to know Jesus and can ask Him
to be the Lord of your life and to help
you. He is the true Provider, and if
you truly know Him and pray to Him,
then He can help you more than anyone
else can. You can meet Him by opening
the Holy Bible and praying to the God
who createdyou. He will help you through
all your troubles, not just your money
troubles. The best part is that Jesus
already paid your debt by dying on the
cross for you. And you don't
have to worry, because you never have
to repay Him! I hope you will call
out to Him while you still have the

Jesus Loves You

I don't know what got into me, but
maybe they just might feel a little
conviction for trying to take money
from people. . .at least I'm hoping
God convicts them :)

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