Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ardmore, OK; Jennie Finch Softball Camp

Another great camp with the best camp
crew ever! This was the last camp for
a few months because Jennie is due
June 27th with her 2nd son! I am
so excited for her and Casey!!!

But seriously, this little girl,Hadley,
all decked out made me want to go adopt
a baby girl right now!

She just turned 2 and is the cutest
thing ever! She's got blue eyes and
knows all about softball already.

What do we do when we are not running

We had the clinic on Sat and Sun and on
Saturday night we had a dinner in the
same arena that we held the camp in.
I had to take a picture with this
girl and her father because he was
stationed at Fort Benning, in Columbus,
GA when we stayed there for the 1996
Olympics. He remembered when we were
there and said we probably had a
picture together somewhere (we all
took photos with the guys who were
our security during the Olympic Games).
He just came back from Iraq recently
and said his daughter could go wherever
she wanted and her dream was to come to
Jennie's Camp! Such a cool story!

Kari (who was in charge of running the
camp and is MVP of all camp directors :)
and her daughter Ceanne (they are
like family to Jennie!) & adorable Hadley
is Kari's niece

At the dinner, they had a tribe come
and perform a dance that they do. Next
thing you know, they start coming and
grabbing people from their seats to
join them.

We found out the name of the song is
something like this:
"Steal a wife and make sure she's not ugly."

After we ate, Jennie spoke and then
Andrea shared about winning back to
back NCAA Championships at UCLA and
I spoke about winning 3 Gold Medals.

It's a time for them to get to know
a little more behind the scenes info
from us.

On the field (or in the dirt in the
arena :) )

Outfield stations:

Mac's Hitting station in the corner

One of the groups:

My college helpers:

Tommy's Birthday was on Saturday while I was
in Oklahoma, and he flew to Baltimore that
day for work, so we celebrated with cake
on Thursday night before I left:

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