Thursday, April 7, 2011

JFSC: Bentonville, AR

Memories are always made on the field!

From the time I was 7 years old and just
starting out, I loved the time I had with
my teammates. I still enjoy the times I
get with former teammates and elite athletes.

It was another great weekend at Jennie
Finch Softball Camp in Arkansas. Here
are some highlights:

Ace (Jennie's 4-yr old son) driving all of
us around on the golf cart. I can tell
this is a country boy- my boys would have
crashed that thing!

Jennie pitching (at 7 months pregnant).
She is amazing! She is due with her 2nd
son in the end of June.

Sunday morning "Bible study" or devotion.
This is one of my favorite parts! Bringing
our faith and sport together because God
is part of every aspect of life.

My college helpers at the Outfield
Station: Ashley, Mary, Beth and Sarah

We had 250 campers and beautiful softball

Outfield Drills:
Drop Steps

Sprint and catch

Crow hops and big arm circles

Toni and her Infield Station

Andrea Duran and her Bunting/Slapping Station

Mac does hitting, Jennie and her dad, Doug,
teach pitching.

Toni, Me and Mac

I love my softball friends and love the
opportunity to work with young girls
who enjoy this sport too!

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