Monday, April 18, 2011

God's Purpose for ME

"The LORD will fulfill his purpose for
me; your steadfast love, O LORD, endures
forever. Do not forsake the work of your
Psalm 138:8 (ESV)

I opened my Bible this morning and this is
the verse I read. Sitting in church
yesterday, I felt like I wanted to be
more commited to praying and reading
the Bible to my boys. We talk about it
a lot and we do pray together, but I
want to start the day out that way.
Normally, we wake up and we hit the
ground running (they literally run
when they jump out of bed- usually
to the TV to watch cartoons). Enough
about that- I want to be better and
today, I started out in prayer and
opening my Bible and this is the
verse that jumped out at me.

"God will fulfill His purpose for

As I thought about it and kept asking
Jake, "What is the verse again Jake?",
I realized that I was meditating on
God's truth. I was thinking about it
throughout the day. And this is what
happened: What started out as a grateful
thought about God having a purpose for
me, turned into a deeper thought. As I
said the verse out loud to Jake:

"God WILL FULFILL His purpose for ME"

it turned into this:

"GOD will fulfill HIS PURPOSE for me."

It was like God was showing me the same
verse with a different focus. I am not to
worry about My purpose, but His purpose
for me. I believe God gives us giftings
and passions to live out His plan, but
it really put all the weight onto Him.
God is in control, and if I trust Him
and belive Him, His purpose will be
fulfilled. I don't need to worry, I just
need to follow.

I hope this speaks to your heart like it
did to mine. A simple truth, yet SO profound.
We play our part as we learn more about
Him and grow more like Christ. If we will
follow closely, His perfect plan will be
fulfilled in our lives. That is so exciting
to me and I hope you feel the same. I also
love how God meets us when we are obedient
to open His Word. I read it at night usually,
but today I was reminded how powerful it is
to start the day off with a new, fresh TRUTH
from God's Word!

One more thought that came to me:

When I SEEK God, I FIND Him;

When I FIND Him, I LEARN about Him;

When I LEARN about God, I FOLLOW Him;

When I FOLLOW Him, I LOVE Him;

When I LOVE God, I OBEY Him;

When I OBEY God, it shows I TRUST Him,

When I TRUST God, I RELY on Him,

When I RELY on God. . .


and for YOU too if you trust Jesus
as your Lord and Savior!

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