Thursday, April 7, 2011


Our boys love the water. . .

The scenery is gorgeous here in
Carlsbad, but it was chilly. Tommy
and I were bundled up in jeans and

Not my boys! It was just the perfect
weather to play in the sand and the

They played. . .

and played!

And Tommy and I just watched them with
smiles on our faces.

I am excited about a new company that I
will be able to share about soon, and
we have been able to take a family/work
trip. My boys LOVE hotels! Not bad
when all you have to do is cross the
street and be at the beach! We also
have been enjoying this time by:
playing pool, ping-pong, Uno, watching
movies, going to the beach and going
in the jacuzzi. It's amazing how
much you can fit into a short amount
of time. Making Memories. . .that's
what it's all about!

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