Friday, April 15, 2011


I love to talk! Now, I will admit that
I can be shy when I first meet somebody.
That surprises some people that know me
because of how much I talk. I will smile at
everybody and will say, "Hi," but it
is hard for me to start a conversation
with somebody. On the other hand, I
will get into a conversation with
anybody and everybody who starts one
with me. I love people and I love
getting into discussions.

Well, I have been doing a lot of talking
lately. In fact, more than I would
expect and I am so grateful for every
opportunity I get. This past week, I
spoke at FCA (Fellowship of Christian
Athletes) at Chino Hills High School
and the next day I went back and spoke
to the Christian Club at CHHS. The thing
that is exciting and nerve racking at
the same time is that I never speak on the
same thing twice. I am constantly waiting
for God to put on my heart exactly what
each group needs to hear. I always get
excited when somebody comments about how
something I said impacted them because I
know that it is God who is working through
what He puts on my heart to share.

Next week, I am very excited to be speaking
locally for Sports World. In fact, my
first assembly is next Tuesday at Don Lugo
High School, the school I graduated from!
I will be speaking to other schools Tues-Thur
in Riverside, Corona and Chino Hills too.
On Friday, I am honored to be speaking at
the Fred Jordan Mission on Skid Row in LA.
I spoke at one of their women's gatherings
a couple months ago and was so blessed.

The thought that comes to me when thinking
about speaking in downtown L.A. to people
who have completely different lives than
I do is this:

God has a way of connecting our paths with
people we would never meet apart from walking
with Him.

I am so excited to be a part of their Easter
event on Good Friday. I''m wondering what
verses God will put on my heart for this
specific group but lately have been feeling
like the theme has to do with the fact that
new life doesn't come until we allow God to
put to death our old lives! When we hold onto
the old, we miss out on the NEW life that God
has for us.

God Bless You this Easter season- remember:

It's all about Jesus!

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