Thursday, April 7, 2011

God's Timing!

I had the coolest thing happen the other
day. I love how God works when we are
seeking Him with our hearts. I was out
of town all last week speaking in Virginia
and then spent the weekend in Arkansas.
I was supposed to arrive back home around
11pm on Sunday night but my flight leaving
Arkansas was delayed and I missed my
connecting flight. When they first told
me this, I really wanted to cry. I missed
my family and was ready to be back home.
Tommy was great and made me feel more at
peace about it. So I spent the night in

Since I took a morning flight on Monday,
I wasn't tired and spent a lot of time
reading my Bible. I enjoy flying because
I am free of distractions and many times
I am able to read more on the plane than
anywhere else. I was taking notes and
writing things down as thoughts came to
me about what I was reading. I am going
through the One Year Bible reading in
Chronological order but am a little
behind. I finally finished Deuteronomy
and was reading Joshua. If you have
never read the book of Joshua, you have
to read it! There is so much great stuff
in that book! As I was reading, I had
a thought and turned back to something I
had read: Joshua 1:6-11. It is all about
God's words to Joshua and commands and
Joshua's immediate response. As I took a few
notes, I felt like I found what I am
to share when I speak May 2nd in Kansas
at Washburn Rural HS Baccalaureate.

Here is how it was confirmed that I
absolutely am supposed to share those verses:

I had written to somebody from the school
asking if they had a key verse or theme.
I hadn't heard back for over a month but
wasn't worried about it.
On Tuesday moring (not even
24 hours after reading those verses), I got an
e-mail apologizing about taking so long
to get back to me. She told me that they
did not have a theme or verse but one
of the men involved in making this happen
thinks that Joshua 1:9 is a good verse.

Joshua 1:9
"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and
courageous. Do not be terrified; do not
be discouraged, for the LORD your God
will be with you wherever you go."

I was so excited! God wanted me to know
that He put those verses on my heart just
for this group! His timing is perfect
even when she felt like she took so long
to get back to me. If I flew home Sunday
I know I would have slept on the plane
and would not have read those exact verses!
God is in the details and I recognize it
so much more when I am spending time in
the Bible and in prayer. I just had to
share this because God is working all
the time and He wants us to remember
that He is in control and His timing is

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