Saturday, April 23, 2011

All about the CROSS

Happy Easter! This is the MOST significant
holiday of all for Christians! This is the
day we celebrate the RESURRECTION of Jesus
Christ, the SAVIOR of the world! Because
He rose from the dead, He conquered
death and became THE WAY to eternal life!
If we will accept Him as our LORD and Savior,
we receive God's Holy Spirit and become
children of God!
It is definitely the BEST gift I have ever
received! God has changed my life in
amazing ways and given me new life that
I would never know apart from Him!

I was able to share this truth and God's
love with an amazing ministry: The
Fred Jordan Mission in Skid Row in Los
This mission helps those who are in need
and many who are on the streets by giving
them food and clothing and meeting other
needs. For Easter, they gave all the
children filled Easter baskets and the
kids loved them! These are some of the
little ones we met:

Willie Jordan runs the ministry (Fred Jordan
passed away 23 yrs. ago). She is an amazing
woman of God sharing God's truth and living
it out by giving to those in the most need

There were 4 services on Good Friday. I
shared at 3 of them and an Easter message
was shared after I spoke. I was honored
to give the Easter message at the 4th
service (It was different having an
interpreter speaking in Spanish).

After each message, the people went in
and had a hot meal waiting for them.
Also, anyone who wanted a picture with
the medals came up and we are printing
out the pictures and giving them to
each of these people next week! (Thanks

We met people of all ages in life. Everyone
was so kind.

I had my "team" with me: Olivia and Robyn.
They helped hand out my softball cards to
everyone who wanted them and also took the

Tom Jordan (who also attends the same
church as me: Calvary Chapel Chino
Hills) helps run his dad's Mission
as well. They were so wonderful
to work with!

We met whole families. . .

and some people by themselves. . .

They all heard the message of the hope
of Jesus Christ shared...

and many responded by wanting to ask Jesus
to be the Lord of their lives!

God's message is clear:

He sent His only begotten son, that WHOSOEVER
would believe in Him, would not perish but have
eternal life!

I told them that the medals are cool. . .

but I can't take them with me when I die!
Jesus will never leave me, and He has a
crown waiting for those who love Him and
that is what I am looking forward to!

But for now, I'll use those medals to share the
message of hope in Christ wherever God opens
the door!

I am so thankful for people like Willie Jordan
and her sons and everybody who serves at the
mission. They go to those who are the most
lost and hurting and offer bread and the BREAD
of LIFE, Jesus Christ!

Happy EASTER. . .Jesus is RISEN!

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