Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love leads YOU!

I tell my boys, "The most important thing
that you could ever do is Love Jesus with
all your heart." I tell them that I don't
care about what they will be when they
grow up as much as I care about them loving
Jesus. I know that if they LOVE Jesus,
everything else will fall into place and
God will guide them down the path He has
for them.

I know that my life didn't truly transform
until I fell in LOVE with Jesus. When
I made Jesus the Lord and Savior of my life,
I understood what He had done for me. It
was as I learned more about who He is through
Scripture and as I understood truth by His
Holy Spirit in my life that I began to fall
deeper in LOVE with Him. It was falling in
LOVE with Jesus that helped me to desire
His will for me above ALL else that this world
offers. Anytime I am tempted by following
something that takes my focus off of
God, I am reminded by my love for Jesus that
it does not compare to what God offers me.
His LOVE for us changes us, and made Him
give up His life for us, but it's our love for
Him that will make us desire to be more like Him.

I just read these verses in my Bible and here is
this exact truth from over thousands of years
ago: (Joshua is speaking to 3 Isrealite tribes)

Joshua 22:5: "But be very careful to keep
the commandment and the law that the servant
of the Lord gave to you: to LOVE the LORD your
God,to walk in all His ways, to obey His
commands, to hold fast to Him and to serve Him
with all your heart and all your soul."

Here is what stands out to me: First of all,
we need to be VERY careful to keep God's Word.
We do that by immersing ourselves in it through
reading the Bible, church, hearing it on the radio,
worship, etc. But this is the command that went out:


WALK in His ways

OBEY His commands


SERVE Him with all your heart and soul

That is so powerful: LOVE, WALK, OBEY,

Impossible to do without God, and possible
only with God. We need to know the Bible for
ourselves. When we do, God teaches us and
transforms us so we can do all these

But MORE than that: I believe the first command Moses told them was to LOVE God because He knew that love leads to the
others! Like I said earlier, when you LOVE
Him and understand His incomparable and
unconditional love for you, you will desire
and have strength to:

If it is hard for you to Walk in God's ways,
Obey His commands, Hold Fast to Him and Serve
Him, then you can start by asking God to help you
fall more in LOVE with Him. Read His Word
and you will- I promise! Believe His truth!
Take it all in! Your life with be filled to
over-flowing; not only now, but for ETERNITY!

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  1. Hi Leah!
    I am a sophomore at Chino Hills High School. I just wanted to say thank you for what you said to our Christian Club today. It really made me think about happiness, and how I think I will be happy if I have certain things...but really, I am happy with God. Thank you again.