Friday, July 2, 2010

Lovin' Summer

I'm so happy it's summer! That means beach,
pool with friends and vacation!!! It also
means a break from homeschooling! Yay!!!

I can't believe it's already been a week and
a half since we got back from Disney World!
We miss our family!

My boys have always loved swimming

But this year, Luke can't get enough
of the water! He stays in all day. Now
I just need to teach him to swim.

Since we've been back
we've gone to the beach, to our friends'
pools 3 different days, to celebrate a
4th B-day with friends, to the dentist to
get Luke checked out because he fell face
first off his bike onto our tile and knocked
out his 2 front teeth (the ones that were
cemented in because he had them pulled last
year from hitting them on the outside of
the trampoline! He gets new teeth in a couple
weeks), and to our church VBS
every night this past week! Wow, life is
busy (I know it is for every family out
there!). And to top it off, we potty trained
Luke this week! No more diapers- yay! The
first day was rough, but now he's a pro.

I also had the chance to do an invterview
at South Hills Church in Corona last Sat night.
The people there are so friendly and welcoming
and I loved the message the Pastor gave
that night! As I was signing autographs
after the service a bee landed on my leg
and stung me through my pants! Isn't that
crazy! Just another day in my life!!!

Yesterday I was at UCLA for FCA Camp and
it was AMAZING!!! I shared a short testimony
last year and loved the atmosphere and this
year I spent the day on the softball field
and then prayed for the evening session to
kick it off. Pictures from that coming soon
but let me just say that in my always
entertaing life, I took Drew and Luke with
me and at the end of the night before we
were leaving and when we were still inside,
Luke felt hot and next thing I know, he
starts to throw up! Drew was sleeping in
my arms and Bethany (from FCA) was holding
Luke so I had to lay Drew on some chairs and
ran to catch what was coming out of Luke's
mouth with Drew's jacket! That's just another day
as a mom right! All you moms (and many dads
too) can relate I'm sure.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer as much
as I am!

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