Friday, July 23, 2010

Under Armour All-America HS Softball Game at the ESPN Rise Games

Held at Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex

This year I coached Team Hype at the Under
Armour All-America Game in Orlando. Once
again, the event put on by ESPN Rise was
a success. The game was played on Tuesday
but tape-delayed and aired on Saturday.

Team Hype at the Under Armour Game

One of the people responsible for making this
all come together is Garland Cooper (center).
She played at Northwestern and was an amazing
athlete and now she works for ESPN Rise. She
even commentated this game as the analyst.
I also coached with Mary (right) again (former
Michigan softall player).

Under Armour allowed the athletes (and coaches)
to Gear Up for this event with their product

It's like Christmas (reminds me of Team USA)

I came home with shorts, shirts, shoes, flip flops,
sun glasses, a backpack, water bottle and more!
Thank You Under Armour!!

We had practice to get to know eachother and
then we ran a little fun "Softball Olympics"
with kids from the Boys and Girls Club

After lunch and UA focus groups, the athletes
and coaches headed to the Magic Kingdom for
some fun (I stayed at the hotel and relaxed).
I had enough Disney fun last month to last
me awhile!

Tuesday was Game Day ("Skeeter" and Nicole coached
Team Rally)

After getting their NEW uniforms, they had a photo
shoot and were ready to play

The Game was aired on ESPNU

There was a lot of action this year (20 hits between
both teams, but also 5 errors for my team)

I'm so excited for the future of these
athletes in the sport of softball. I saw
a lot of great talent on the field

After the game we headed to Epcot for a
Mother/Daughter Dinner event and Sue
Enquist (UCLA Coach when I played) spoke.
She is always motivating and it was fun
to visit with her. The athletes had
a front row spot with dessert to watch
the fireworks to end the night!

Under Armour and ESPN Rise put on a top
quality event every year!!!!

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