Friday, July 23, 2010

Disney World Vacation

I've been back from our family trip to Disney
World for a month already and just got back
from another trip to Orlando for the Under
Armour All-American High School Game with
ESPN Rise. I figured I should post these
pictures before the ones from this past

We had a great time at the Magical Kingdom

As you know, it's all about:


Luke agrees

Luke was just tall enough to go on a lot of
the rides

It was VERY hot, so this is how we STROLLED!

Brothers: Ed and Tommy

Cousins: Jake and William

It was so hot- Jake would try to sneak his
way into the stroller and out of the sun if
he saw an opening

Luke didn't care if he had something he wanted
more: like a NICE, ICE cold drink!

One of my favorite rides at Animal Kingdom (and all
the parks) is Expedition Everest. It's known for
the snow monster: the Yedi

We had an uneven number of people on the ride
and of course, Ed, who was not so excited about
this ride, had to sit next to somebody he didn't
know. They were going to make the best of it!

Tommy's brother, Bob, and our nephew, Robert

It's a fun rollercoaster: it's a mix of Thunder
Mountain and Matterhorn, but then the track ends. . .

and you go backwards! I love this ride.

All this fun wore us out! Luke slept in the hot
stroller, and even fell asleep on Tommy's shoulder
in the rain one of the days!

The boys loved hanging out with their cousins.

Nana and Papa bought the boys a toy and Luke
picked out Buzz Lightyear. Too bad he
lost him before we headed home!

We went on the Lilo and Stitch Ride

and played dress up

The boys were so hot and tired, but we put a
smile on their face with Popsicles!

We went on Thunder Mountain: Luke's 1st time
riding a rollercoaster

The boys held on for dear life!

Their favorite part was all the sugar and candy!

This was a rare moment, but we'll pretend
this is how my boys always act :)

The last ride we went on was Test Track:
one of the best rides at the parks too

The long line was worth the wait:
Even Luke thought so!

Every boy likes a fast car ride!

Epcot was the last park we visited

We had a great family trip!

Thank you to Nana and Papa once again for taking
us on this trip!

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