Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday Jake!

Jake- it seems like yesterday when you were
just a little boy.

You loved to look at books and have them
read to you!

You still love to read today.

You loved watching videos, no matter where
we were.

You still enjoy movies and LOVE your video

You liked to joke around (and when you traveled
with the Olympic Team, Laura helped you with
some funny tricks!)

You still like to tell jokes even as a 9 yr old.

You loved all the attention you got from
all the softball girls and staff for Team

And even today, you can't get enough attention-
you love being around people.

You've grown a lot, changed in many ways, but
you will always be my 1st baby boy! I am
amazed at your memory and Bible knowledge and
enjoy our conversations. I pray that you will
make a difference for God's kingdom and that
you will shine God's light to all those around

Happy 9th Birthday Jake

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