Monday, July 26, 2010

NSA Nationals Opening Ceremonies

This was my 3rd trip to Rock Hill, S.C.
to speak at NSA (National Softball
Association) Nationals Worship Service
at Opening Ceremonies. Hugh Cantrell
established this organization in 1982
and I am so grateful for his willingness
to allow a worship service to be tied
in with Opening Cememonies. They hold the
Ceremony at Carowinds Amusement Park
and then most of the families spend
the day on the rides.

York Baptist Association sponsors the
Worship Service and bring a worship Band
in to start the ceremony.

I was able to share about the Olympics and
success and most importantly: Purpose through
a relationship with Jesus Christ.
God has plans for us and when we recognize
His purpose for our lives, our perspective
completely changes. It's all about bringing
glory to God, even through softball!

I always get to meet people back stage

Mike Wallace (York Baptist Assoc) is responsible
for bringing me to S.C.

I had a great time talking about and listening
to God stories with Mike and his wife, Tammy,
over dinner

After the ceremony ended I signed autographs
for about an hour. I love meeting all the
young softball players! It brings back so
many memories of growing up.

I sign autographs and talk to the girls
and parents

And we have to get pictures with the Gold Medals

As you can see in the pictures above, you can see
the roller coasters from the theater. 3 years
ago when I was there, the VP at the time took
me through the back lot on his golf cart and let
me ride the top two rides at the park. I felt
like a movie star, walking right up to ride
the roller coasters.

So I had to ask again and this year, they said
the newest ride, Intimidator, was the one I had
to go on. It goes VERY high up! Click HERE
and check it out- go on a virtual ride!

It is known as the Tallest, Fastest, Longest
Roller Coaster in the Southeast

It didn't disappoint!!!

Thank you to Hugh Cantrell, David Butler, Mike
Wallace and everybody else for giving me this
opportunity! Sharing about softball, Olympics
and Jesus is my favorite thing to do!

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  1. What a bright light in a world that can so full of darkness -
    Thanks for sharing your experiences and encouraging youth! I really enjoy reading your blog Leah, what a blessing you are.
    Cheryl Stuck