Monday, July 5, 2010

A Tale of a Lizard Named "Tails"

Meet "Tails": a tail-less lizard.

Let me tell you a tale about Tails:

A couple weeks ago I was carrying a big
load of laundry downstairs when I stepped
on something squishy.

I thought it was a toy, but when I looked down,
this is what I saw:

You might think this is gross, but imagine the
thing squirming around for over 3 minutes! The
tail would not stop moving and the boys thought
it was the craziest thing.

I also saw a fat lizard running across the floor.

Normally I don't get freaked out about little
critters, but this made me scream.
The boys came running downstairs and when
I told them what happened, the hunt for the
lizard was on.

The lizard blended in with the carpet and after
finding the lizard and it running away again,
we moved the couch and found the lizard playing

Jake started thinking, "how can I catch this lizard?"

Then he grabs a plastic cup and goes in for the

The catch is made

and little brother, Luke, is excited to see the
lizard up close.

After some begging, we go to the reptile store
and buy a small cage along with some crickets

Jake decides to name his lizard "Tails". He
starts carrying around his lizard to the park
to share with new friends and shows everyone
who comes over his new pet.

He says, "Mom, pretty soon Tails will be tame."

I say, "Do you think he feels like the Israelites
when they were held in captivity?"

Jake says, "Mom, some of the Israelites decided
to stay in Babylon when they were released."

He decides that Tails feels the same way.

All is well and I take a trip to Texas to
do TV. Tommy picks me up from the airport
and when we walk in the door, the kids (being
watched by Grandma) run up to us and say,

"Guess what? Tails laid an EGG!"

Yep, she sure did! She is not a He and she
wasn't fat, just pregnant!

So after another day, I start feeling like
we need to make sure she has what she needs
to eat and talk my boys into letting her go.
Last thing I need is a bunch of baby lizards!

The boys agree and we take her into the

We let her go. At first she doesn't move.
Then we leave her out there and when we
came back, she was gone.

A week later my mom told me she saw a lizard
without a tail on the back wall and she wasn't
fat anymore! We'll keep our eyes open for
baby lizards in the backyard.

And we'll go buy a lizard for a pet from the
reptile store. That way, everybody is happy!

The End

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