Thursday, July 15, 2010

FCA Camp 2010

I was so blessed to go to the FCA
(Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Camp
again at UCLA. OK, so I had to put
aside my pride to enter the UCLA Softball
field, because they beat my Arizona
Wildcats last month at the Women's
College World Series! Last year I
didn't make it out to the field, but
this year I took Drew and Luke and
was able to watch the girls play
a little and talk to the softball

This is what happens (besides having
a bunch of girls think the boys are
so cute) when you take your son out
to a softball camp:

These were the FCA leaders and too bad
they don't live closer or I'd ask them
all to babysit!

This is also what happens: nap time on
the bench! When you're tired you'll
sleep anywhere.

The boys played while the girls competed

Then we took pictures and guess who had to be
the center of attention:


The Huddle leaders are college athletes. They
lead small groups of about 7 athletes. Amazing
things happen at these camps.

I was also able to throw batting practice
(front toss) to some of the hitters and
a couple of the college girls.

One of Drew's favorites was Suzanne. She
hung out with him a lot and was great with

The night session was amazing!!!
The Katinas led worship and I felt
like I was at a concert.

Over 230 student athletes (out of 700
attending) gave their lives to Christ
the night I was there.

Pastor Mike Erre from Rock Harbor Church
was the main speaker all week. I was
able to open the night session in prayer.
Then Eric LeMarque (below)gave a short
testimony that was so powerful. He was
a NHL Hockey player and Olympian in the
past and a few years ago lost both legs
when he was stranded in Mammoth in the
winter for 8 days. Nobody has lived that
long in those conditions and it was a
miracle he survived! He praises God
and lives for Jesus.

Barry (middle) is in charge of running
the evening sessions and his wife is
on his left. Josh is a former pro
baseball player and is on staff with
FCA and is the MC for the event.

FCA changes lives. They use the platform
of sports to share Jesus. They have all
kinds of sports at these camps including
baseball, basketball, track, soccer, surfing
and more. I was only there for one day out
of 5, and I know God was working in big ways!

Overall it was great, even though Luke got
sick on the floor at the evening session just
before we left! Just another story to tell!!!

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  1. Wow, sounds amazing, Leah. I truly loved FCA, and thanked God for having had it in high school and college. Blessing to you and your family for hopes of a great weekend ;)