Sunday, June 27, 2010

God's R.A.V.E.

Last week I was asked to come and speak at
God's R.A.V.E. It is a High School Bible
study held in San Diego and it stands for:


Holly Carney leads the group and I was
introduced to her through a friend. Her
husband is NFL kicker, John Carney, who
kicked for the New Orleans Saints last
season. They had to fly out of town to
get his Super Bowl Champions Ring. I
look forward to meeting Holly in person
soon- she loves the Lord and is teaching
the Bible to these students.

I had to steal this picture off of Facebook:

Holly has been teaching on prayer and so I
spoke to them about "hearing from God" in
prayer. Prayer is a two-way communication.
The Bible tells us that children of God
know His voice. He speaks through His Word,
other people, and even to our hearts if
we are willing to take the time to listen.

If God speaks to us, it will ALWAYS line up
with Scripture. It will also ALWAYS bring
God glory if it is God speaking. God will
confirm His truths to us if we are seeking
Him. Seeking is the key- not just expecting
Him to get our attention over the busyness
in our lives (this is always a challenge for
me). We need to take the time to get by
ourselves and sit before the Lord. To worship
Him and to pray to Him and to hear Him. He
tells us: "Seek and you will FIND!" God is
always faithful.

God's R.A.V.E. (check it out on Facebook)
is held in an old barn. It was such a cool

The worship was great preparing our hearts
for the message.

The students are there to learn God's Word.
There is nothing more important in life to
know what the Bible teaches, and read it

I took Cydney with me and we had a great talk
on our drive.

I was so blessed, I hope the students were blessed
by the message God put on my heart to share with

Most importantly, I hope they learn to listen and
hear from the Lord.

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