Saturday, July 17, 2010

West Texas ASA All-Stars State Tournament

Last week I was in Midland, Texas for
their State All-Stars Tournament. I
love meeting people from around the
country of all ages who love this sport!
I was able to speak to the teams (all
100 of them) at their Opening Ceremony.

It was hot in Texas and they had a lot
of games ahead of them. I have so many
memories of those kinds of tournaments.
It's such a great time with friends and
I loved competing against teams from
all over.

Freddie and Virginia Ezell with ASA Softball
brought me out to Midland. A few years ago
I spoke at Nationals in Midland for them.
They both do so much for the sport of
softball in Midland, Texas.

Let me just say that softball is SMALL
world! I met Casey, the mom in this
picture, in Midland. She had a newspaper
clipping from 20 years ago when we played
against eachother in High School for CIF!!
I know that makes me old, but isn't that
crazy! She pitched for Hemet and I pitched
for Don Lugo. She kept telling her daughter
that she played against me when she found
out I was coming. She's going to scan the
article and send it to me! Fun times.

These girls represent their cities:
Andrews All-Stars

So besides speaking to the teams I signed
a bunch of autographs and took pictures
with people and shared my medals with them.
These sisterrs had an older sister in the
tournament and came up to get my autoraph.
Kelsey (4 yrs. on the left) and her sister
Molly (6 yrs. in the middle) were excited
to see the medals. But Kelsey cracked me
up. She said, "Are these real gold?" I
said, "Yes". She said, "Can we have them?"
I laughed and said, "NO." It was a good

I am blessed! I love what I do. I am
thankful to encourage others to live out
their dreams!

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