Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Prayer for those hurting

I know that I've written about prayer
and I've learned that it is the most
powerful thing we can do. To go to
God with our requests and lift others
up is such an honor.

I am asking those of you who pray to
please cover Daphne (Jr. High) and
her mom up right now. She goes to
Bellaire Middle School in Ohio where
I spoke last week. I was told that she
was very excited to come because she
plays softball but she never made it to
the event because her father collapsed.
I learned later that he passed away last
Friday. It was very sudden and I'm not
sure if they know the cause. He was
only 38 years old.

One thing I do know is that her friends
in school have been praying for her. And
her friends told me that "she was her dad's
whole world" and "he adored her". This is
such a devastating loss and I'm praying that
our God, the God of all comfort, will cover
her and her family in a way that they've
never experienced before.

My message is all about living every day
to the fullest to make an impact in the
lives of those around you because we never
know what will happen tomorrow. This is
just another reminder of how true that is.

God, please meet Daphne and her mom right
where they are right now. May they experience
your love and comfort in more ways now than
they ever have. Help them through this very
hard time. Amen

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