Monday, October 4, 2010

Conversation is a good thing!

I love to talk to people and get to know their
thoughts and views. I like to know about
them even if they believe completely the
opposite of what I believe.

I was thinking about an exchange I had
in another state earlier this year. I
had walked into a Panera Bread with
another girl and there was a woman
laying her head down on a backpack
at one of the tables. I wasn't sure
if she was with somebody, but after
awhile, I realized she was alone.

It was very cold outside and I quickly
realized that this woman was homeless.
As we were leaving, I had my money in
the car. I told the girl that I'd
be right back and I ran in and handed
the lady some money.

Here was our conversation:

Me: "God put this on my heart to give
to you."

Her: "Thank you. Where are from?"

Me: "California."

Her: "Oh. Well, I don't believe in

Me: "Well I do and He wanted you to
have this and He loves you."

And that was it. I felt like I was
supposed to give her the money. It
was out of my comfort zone but I feel
like at least a seed was planted!
If nothing else, she could get a
hot drink to warm her up.

Something I read just reminded me of
this. I figured, even if she doesn't
believe in God, then I want her to
see an action from somebody who does.

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