Tuesday, October 5, 2010

OVAC, Ohio and Sportswold

Sports World is about

Here are some pictures from and thoughts
about my 1st time speaking for Sports

East Richland Friends Church

I'm here in Ohio in the area known as the
Ohio Valley Athletic Conference. It's cold
and rainy and the trees are turning colors
(something we don't see very much where I
live in So. Cal). I had to take a picture
of this sign surrounded by all the trees!
It's just next to the Highway for everyone
to see. Jesus does love them!

Yesterday I spoke at River
HS, New Martinsville Middle School, and
Beallsville HS. Last night I spoke to
female athletes at East Richland Friends
Church. Today I spoke at Shenandoah HS
and Jr. High (+ 5&6th graders). At the
Jr. High I signed a lot of autographs:
many of them with a sharpie on their
arms, hands, shirts and jackets.

It's been fun! I met some great people
and was so encouraged by the kids. I love
the fact that I come to speak and am
hoping to inspire them to be their very
best and many times I end up just as
encouraged by them! We have them fill
out feedback forms so we can see what
they get out of our messages and they
have been so encouraging to me. These
students want to make a difference!
They are our future and need to be
reminded that they have talents that
will open up opportunities for them.
There are a few out of the hundreds
that don't care about much, but the
majority do care. That is why we do
what we do.

I get pumped up to speak to the
students. As I reflect on my time,
I realize that my goal when I'm
speaking to the kids is the same
thing that I encourage them to do:

To be the very best I can be!

I share from my heart and believe
that those who are open to hearing from
others will take some of these truths
that I share and impact those around
them. "With God, all things are

Some pictures from last night:

a 3-yr old and 4-yr old: sisters! So
cute and reminded me of my boys (the
cute part, because my boys are much
more rambunctious :) )

Great leaders at this church: so welcoming
and friendly!

Pictures from New Martinsville Middle School:

Beallsville High School

I hope they all remember:

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