Sunday, October 17, 2010

Giving More

Last weekend K.P. Yohannan, Founder of
Gospel for Asia, spoke at our church.

It's the second time I've heard him
speak and he has such a heart to help
others. God has used him to open the
eyes of people all over the world to
the harsh realities that many times
we aren't exposed to here in the USA.

Jake and I had read about India and
their caste system but it was as K.P.
talked about the Dalits, that my heart
just broke.

These people are treated worse than
animals and they believe they are not
worthy of being treated as humans due
to their society.

On his website, we can help these people
by clicking on this link: Dalit Outreach

He asked us this and it really hit me
hard, "What is wrong with us in America
that we just keep buying stuff and more
stuff and people around the world are
dying and don't even had food to eat?"

Now, he reminded us that God has convicted
him first and he is sharing what God has
put on his heart. I have been really striving
to be a doer of God's Word. We help others in
different ways, but I am reminded that I can
still do more. So as I have prayed, "God,
show me where to give and what to do and who
to help," God has been faithful to show me
many areas that I can make a difference.

God wants to use each of us. We can help in
many different ways, but I want to make eternal
differences by helping others with my blessings
that I've received from God and letting them
know that Jesus lives in me and deserves all
the glory. I know I'm only one person, but
I will not let Satan get the best of me by
putting in my head that one person can't make
a difference. One person makes a huge
difference and it starts with one heart
softened by God!

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