Saturday, October 2, 2010

God made the Rainbows

My son, Luke, loves to tell me everything
that God makes. He says, "God made the car"
and "God made that toy" and so on.

Well now Luke can say, "God made the
rainbow" because that is the truth. Lately
the weather here in So. Cal has been all over
the place. We had 113 degree heat on Monday
and lightning storms throughout the week.
There have also been more RAINBOWS than ever!
I missed these double rainbows on Thursday
that everyone told me about:

I stole this from my friend, Kristi (her husband
is a photographer and did what he does best:
captured an amazing moment!)

Another friend took this picture:

I didn't see Thursday's rainbows, but I saw
this one on Friday afternoon:

I saw another one driving this morning at
8am to a softball clinic, another one at
lunchtime at our clinic, and yet
another one on the way home from the clinic.
They are all over the place lately!

The Bible tells us that it is God who makes the
rainbows and gives them to us as a
promise that He will never flood the earth again.

I am thankful for RAINBOWS and more
thankful for a God who makes promises and
keeps them!

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