Sunday, August 8, 2010

Zion Pictures

We left Southern California and headed 6 1/2
hrs away to Zion, Utah. The views are amazing!

The kids loved the idea of sleeping in a tent
(and playing with friends in the tent)

Our tent was right next to the river and
the boys couldn't wait to get into the water

We have our "spot" at the river and the guys
worked hard to build a play area for the kids
(even the little guys helped and loved working
hard with rocks)

The tent wasn't bad to sleep in

But the boys sure know how to make a mess
everywhere we go! Now if they could just
learn to PICK it all up!

We headed into Zion National Park many times
during the week

and rode the tram up the mountain

This was part of our group after hiking to
Weeping Rock

Most days started out the same: hanging out by
the river

and eventually riding our tubes down the river

Wendy and her boys had the best ride in their boat

This is a picture of the "Three Patriarchs": Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob

We headed to the last stop at the top of the
mountain to hike to "The Narrows" but when
we got there it started pouring

The kids didn't mind at all!

As everyone was heading out, we decided to head in
(and were praying that no flash floods came!!!)
We made it safely to the entrance of The Narrows

Then a few of us rode our bikes down the mountain
back to camp. We saw a few turkeys crossing
the street (Josh is getting a picture)

and this Momma dear and her two little fawns
were right next to the street.

We made smores (more times than anyone should!)

And one day a few of us took a trip to the Grand
Canyon! I have never been. Luke was the only
one who wanted to go with Tommy and me, so this
was our family picture (Josh took better pictures
that I'll have to share later)

We rode the tram again

To the Lodge so we could get some Ice
Cream. A couple guys played football, we
hung out in rocking chairs and the kids
played together. The kids got little
souveniers to bring home.

The kids played (thought they were playing) games

And when the weather was better, we went back
to hike The Narrows. We hiked about a mile and
a half back and the hike is through water,but
as you can see the water is brown (too bad it
didn't taste like chocolate milk!). The water
is brown from the rainstorms they were having
while we were there. That didn't stop everyone
from swimming in it!

Just another day camping

Most of our group left on Thursday but we stayed
an extra day with the Aceves Family (we camped
in their pop up tent trailer the 2nd half of the
trip), so we went to Fort Zion together

Just me and my boys

And we finished the last night off just the
way you should on a camping trip: making

We had the best time camping with the O'Brien's,
Menashe's, Raatjes', Miller's, Matson's, and
the Aceves'. We hung out with the Negrete's
too but they weren't at the same camping ground
as us. These are only a few of the memories we
made! I'm looking forward to the next group

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