Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prayer Journal

Here are some thoughts I wrote down after
a time of prayer and sitting before the

Desire is the root of so many issues today.
Those who live the abundant life that God
has called us to desire Him above all else.
Those whose hearts desire the things that
this world has to offer will reap what
they sow. What do you desire? God will
give you the desires of your heart. If it
is God, you will be filled. If it is not,
you will be empty. Desire starts with a
longing in the heart, a need that you want
to fill. God wants to fill your needs,
but we must go to Him to have them met.
Desire leads to seeking. Seek and you
will find. God's promises work both ways:
what you find depends on what you are seeking.

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  1. Did you know that Jack's message tonight was titled....The Discipline of Desire??! was really good.....and your post is great, too! You are an encouragement to so many. Hope your trip is going well.....