Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NPF: Pro Fastpitch Championships

I'm heading to Sulphur, LA in the morning for
the NPF Championships. I'll be commentating
for Live Streaming on the internet. I know
there will be a lot of excitement in the games
and I'm grateful to be able to watch my
former teammate and friend, Jennie Finch,
finish her career playing for the Chicago

She has done so much for the sport of softball
and most importantly, she is a Christian
role model for all young softball players
out there. She is the best and it won't
be the same in our sport without her on
the field, but she'll still be involved in
many other ways!

I have to admit, I will miss these boys:

Even though they can drive me up a wall,
I love them so much!

And I will miss this boy too :)

By the way, I never did show a picture of
"Spots", our Leopard Gecko (he's a little bigger
now after eating so many crickets), so here
he is:

This past weekend I had an amazing time in Indianapolis
at the Sports World conference. I'm excited to speak
for them in October! Have a great week!

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