Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good Stuff at "Going for the Gold"

Well, it really happened! An event that was
completely orchestrated by God that allowed
me to share my experiences in softball and
winning 3 Gold medals and my passion for
giving God all the glory took place! I had
a great time and heard some great stuff from
people who were there. Don't get me wrong,
I know I can always do better, but I also
trust that God worked exactly how He wanted
to work that night. There were about 300
people there and I shared straight from my
heart. When I speak, I write down some
ideas but so many new things come out when
I'm speaking because they come to my mind
when I'm on the stage.

I will post some pictures soon because
Josh Menashe was kind enough to be the
photographer for the night. You can see
his stuff at
He also helped me to put together a slide
show for the night with music and fun pics
from my playing days and my traveling.

I am just in awe of how God works. He has
opened many doors for me and what I mean is
that I have had opportunities that come to
me that I probably couldn't make happen if
I tried to do it. But as I am faithful to
seek God and grow in His Word, I keep having
new opportunities come my way. I encourage
you to say, "God, I want to follow you.
Lead me where you want me to go. Help me
to get rid of any sin that is in the way of
having a close relationship with you. Use
me for Your glory God." If you say that
and most importantly if you mean it with all
your heart- your life will never be the same!
God will honor the prayers of His children.

Life as a Christian is the most exciting thing
ever! If you think it's not, then you should
ask yourself the place God has in your life.
When He is made Lord and the desire is there
to serve Him, it will never be boring! It
will be many things, fun, exciting, challenging
and yes, hard at times, but never boring!!!

I am in Indianapolis speaking tonight at the
evening session for Sports World. This
organization sends Pro Football Players into
schools to share their stories and to tell
kids that the reason their lives changed was
because Jesus Christ came into their lives.
I will be joining these guys- yep, I'm the
first female athlete in 30 years!- this year
in the schools. Tonight I'll share my story
with them so they get to know me a little
bit. There is nothing better about being
around others who have passion for God. If
you don't know anyone like that, ask God to
bring somebody in your life who is passionate
about Him. If you are passionate about God,
keep allowing Him to make a difference in the
lives of those around you!

I'm also reading an amazing book called,
"Secret Power" by D.L. Moody. Get your hands
on this book! I have experienced so much
of what D.L. Moody talks about and just
reading it, you will be reminded by him,
that your life will never be boring if God
is truly leading you!

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