Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brielle updates from her blog

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I am copying what was on her site so
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(Wed night)
Dear Family and Friends,
It is now 10:30 PM and Lisa and Jim just walked
in from the doctor consult with a smile on their
face. As they walked into our waiting room, we
were in prayer, and listening to “What Faith Can
Do” by Kutless. Lisa walked in and said, “That’s
my Song”! They said that the neurosurgeon informed
them that he feels they have successfully removed
the tumors with a clean margins ! The area around
the removal is free of cancerous cells. They had
to remove part of her jaw bone because the tumor
had invaded that area, but he feels the surgery
went as well as they could have hoped. They were
able to take a nerve from the ankle area to replace
the nerve they had to remove from the right side of
her face. In time, the hope is that the nerve will
eventually repair itself (in approximately 12 months).
It may be that long until Brielle will be able to
move her facial muscles. They were able to retrieve
fat from her upper leg to help fill the space that
the tumor left behind, as well as using a muscle in
her neck. They are beginning a very long and
intensive reconstructive phase of the surgery so
continue to pray that this phase is as promising
as the previous phase. Pray for Dr. Kim’s strength
and guidance as he delicately connects the blood
vessels back together. I marvel at the way we are
continually given hope for this precious girl.

Our God is a Healing God, and we praise Him for
hearing all our prayers, and being faithful to
bring peace and comfort in the midst of this trial.

(Thur morning)12:20am
We left the hospital just a few minutes ago,
and as Sally and I were driving into our
driveway at home Heidi called to say that
Brielle woke up in severe pain and wanted
to talk. She tried to pull the tubes from
her mouth, and became very afraid and confused.
Apparently the doctor on call who can administer
more pain medication is not available for another
15 minutes. For any of you who are still awake,
PLEASE PRAY for Brielle’s pain to subside and
for her anxiety and fear to be released. Pray
for Jim and Lisa as they are very emotional in
seeing their daughter in this state. Pray
against the attacks of the enemy, who does not
want God to receive all the glory and honor for
Brielle’s healing.

6am Thursday:
Just spoke with Heidi, who spent the night next
to Brielle. B finally received pain medication
at 2:00 AM, and was able to get some rest, but
woke every hour, in pain. There was much
confusion with the night staff over her meds.
Pray that Brielle will receive proper attention
and proper medication today, and be free from
pain. On a positive note, yesterday, the
entire staff at UCI was wonderful, and we
praise God for each and every person that
was attending to Brielle’s care.

Thank you

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