Thursday, June 3, 2010

Facebook for Bibles!!

A couple years ago I started getting e-mials
from a Pastor in Kenya. He would talk about
the Bible and how faithful God is and also
the trials they had over in Kenya. A year
after he started writing, I heard on TV how
things were getting really bad over there.
They had militia taking over and everybody
was forced to leave their homes and everything
they owned and lived in refugee camps. Pastor
Isaac still would write about God's love and
even though they were in a horrible situation,
"God's mercies are new every morning." I would
send a little bit of money to help as God would
put it in my heart but wished I could do more.

This is Isaac and his wife, Robbie

A few months ago Isaac wrote to me and said that
they really needed Bibles. God was moving and
people were coming to hear God's truth, but they
needed the Word of God so they could read it
themselves. I finally was ready to send them
Bibles through Biblica (an international company)
and thought it would be great see if anybody
else wanted to put money towards Bibles as well.
That way we could send more than I was already
going to send. I thought about how many people
we are connected to on Facebook and felt like I
could mention it and see if anybody wanted to
help. Here is what I posted:

Does anyone want to help send some Bibles to a
Pastor in Kenya to give to new believers?
I'm going to be purchasing some and just thought
I'd see if the body of Christ would want to join
in and bless those who need God's Word in Africa.
Each Bible is $8.44

I was amazed by the support and the love and
generosity of people! Even those who don't have
much were willing to donate a Bible or 2.

We raised enough money to send 67 Bibles to Kenya!
If you were one of those people, thank you!!!

This is what I posted after receiving the money:

I read these two verses today in my Bible study-
I don't believe it was by accident: Prov. 14:31b:
"whoever is kind to the needy honors God." Prov
19:17: "He who is kind to the poor lends to the
Lord, and he will reward him for what he has done."
God will honor all of you helping those in need
receive His Word!

Here is the e-mail I received from Pastor Isaac:


Sister Leah Amico

I want to believe God that you are doing well
through His grace and unfailing love, I sincerely
appreciate the support you have given me for
the time we have been friends, and you have
continually been giving me without any suspicions
whatsoever, I thank you so much friend, I bless
God for your life you have been a great
encouragement to me, my family and the church as
well, you have done this is in many ways that
can never be mentioned, what a great and rare
gift you are to me.

I was able to get the bibles, thank you so much
for your love and support.

Pastor Isaac Andeche

Think about it: less than $9 and you are sending
God's Word across the world! I love that Facebook
can be used for good and in this case, used to
send God's Word to those who otherwise wouldn't
have it!

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