Monday, March 15, 2010

What Goes In, Will Come Out

This book is a Must READ!!!

I have heard sayings like, "You are what you eat" (I'm
in trouble then) and "You Will Be what your Eyes
Behold" and there is much truth to that. The
Bible tells us that "out of the overflow of the
heart, the mouth speaks". This can be both good
and bad. We need to pay attention to what is
coming out of our mouths. A good reminder is that
it will start as a thought and although some people
don't use their filters (time between thought and
word, especially when it's inappropriate) very well,
we all have the choice to agree with our thoughts
or change them. My heart is to agree when my
thoughts are true, noble, right, pure, lovely
and admirable like the Bible tells me they should
be (check out Philippians 4:8: I memorized this verse
because it is so important). I also want to disagree
and "take my thoughts captive" like the Bible tells me
and choose not to say things when they are not any of
those things I listed. This is a challenge, even with
the best of intentions because our flesh can be weak and
our feelings many times take over! I desire to
do what is right and with prayer and God's help,
I will be victorious most of the time!

OK, so the reason for this post was really to share
a couple books that I've read lately that have
really impacted me in a positive way. This is
another way of helping myself to take IN good
stuff, so that it's the good stuff that comes back

First of all, my Bible study girls and I finished
the study by Beth Moore called "A Heart Like
His" about David.

Through this study I learned so much about David
and what he went through, both good and bad!
The Bible is full of life lessons and many times
studies like these allow you to see them come
to life and you are able to apply the lessons
in a better way. One major thing that stood
out is that when we are close to God and surrounding
ourself with people who will speak truth to us
(even when it's hard and when we stumble), we have
the best chance for living out God's will.

I also finished Beth's Book, Believing God which
I've had for years. I don't know why I never
read it, but now I have!

I was tremendously blessed and encouraged. I don't
have a hard time "Believing God" and yet I learned in
depth about some familiar scriptures and got a better
background for them. I'll have to share more later.

And the other book I read in just a couple days
was "Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against
Low Expectations" by Alex and Brett Harris.

This book is for everyone who is a teenager, who has a
teenager or has a kid that will one day be a
teenager! I completely relate to what they share
about because the main points are what I speak about
when I do motivational speaking. What I loved was
the challenge for High School students to step out
and do things that nobody thinks is possible. In
fact, God used the book to show me that I need
to tie in teenagers with my passion to put on a
Girls event! I met with a few girls and am already
seeing how true the book is: give them an opportunity
to do something big and they will rise to the occasion!!!
***This is a MUST READ!!!!

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